Los hombres de mi vida

Cualquier día es bueno para festejar a nuestros seres queridos. Este día que marca el calendario, es el día del padre, una supuesta fecha que gira al rededor de papá. Me gusta pensar que puedo hacer sentir feliz a mi padre durante todo el año, sin que sea sólo un día en especial. Poder darle … Continue reading Los hombres de mi vida

For busy bee moms

Many times is hard for us busy moms to organise, to come up with new ideas, to be creative, or we are just too tired with all the work at home and out of our house. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, is your best option. If you identify yourself with any of the previous mentioned situations, … Continue reading For busy bee moms


The previous week at Želimlje high school, I offered a short presentation about Mexico. The attendants were Spanish language students from this school whose Spanish language level varied from intermediate to advance. That day, my main concern was the possibility of students experiencing boredom. If students were not able to understand, this could lead to … Continue reading Roots/Raices